Browzi is a graphical browser for the Unihan database. It is a valuable tool for students of Chinese, providing detailed, offline character lookup. It is currently in beta.

Windows 7 screenshot of Browzi

Download v0.3 beta for Windows - Download v0.4 beta for OSX

Radical search

Select from all available radicals, after which the concrete character can be selected from the list of derived characters, each sorted by number of additional strokes


Unsure of the meaning or the pronunciation? Draw it with the mouse, select from the list of best matches, and retrieve the missing information

Detailed fields

Where available, show extended information including HSK Level, stroke count, pronunciations, Mandarin frequency, and Cangjie code

Free, cross-platform software

GPL-licensed, cross-platform code using the Qt toolkit. Some code is used from Plain Hanzi Editor. Binaries are not yet available for all platforms. Visit the page on github
Copyright © 2012 Oliver Giles